Make payment. You will immediately receive access to our innovative web panel where you can add your urls and select the sources of your traffic. You will then point all of your traffic vendors, referral sites, banners, text ads, popups, popunders, etc., sending traffic to yoursite via our shorten url. Traffic sent to the custom shorten url will result in the visitors coming from the social site you selected when creating your campaign. There is also an option to choose "Rotate" which basically causes your traffic to appear coming from all of the social sites that we cater.


The problem with getting real targeted web traffic is that Google, MSN & Yahoo control the market with their respective search engines thus making it super hard to find affordable web traffic solutions. The problems with buying from traffic referral sites begins with the fact they immediately lower the value of the banner and/or text ad clicks occurring on your website. The reason is because the ad network is sending you traffic that is deemed 100% non-relative to your sites niche. It's one thing if your visitors searched and entered your site via Google by typing in a relative keyword. If a visitor later clicks on a text or banner ad, chances are you get paid nicely ? cause the source of the traffic was determined to be valuable.


Receiving traffic from Web2 properties or Social Sites (i.e.,, etc) result in a huge increase in SERP and SEO SIGNAL activity. Basically, this is telling Google, MSN and Yahoo that your site is receiving traffic from powerful legitimate tier one sites that have high Page Ranking and online integrity. Search Engine Optimization or SEO will be DEAD within 18 months. The term loosely refers to optimizing websites with keyword enriched content to compliment search engines and having some quality niche backlinks. Once again, that's dead. Today, Google, MSN & Yahoo use social networks to determine real time rankings.


Imagine every one of your users typed into's search engine your niche keyword (i.e. Forex or Health Care) and even if you we're on page 3 of the results, they would select for that specific keyword. This tells Google that your super popular for that specific keyword - and thus deserve to be on top. This powerful option will either reveal "" or " niche keyword" in webstats for the referring traffic. This can potentially impress your SEO Clients to see real efforts for their money as they can clearly see in their stats that Google is sending them traffic directly relative to their keywords.